Glenwood Cemetery

Established 1857

We are thankful for the many friends who supported the Historic Glenwood Cemetery in 2017:

A.G. Bishop Charitable Trust
AccuRecords LLC
Apartment Services Co, Inc
Ballenger, Robert D.
Brownell, Eleanor E.
Burroughs Memorial Trust
Burroughs, Joseph & Kathryn
Davidson, William & Diane
Eashoo, Ryan M.
Gadola, Falding
Inch Memorials Co
Johnson, Earl & Michelle
Johnson, Scott C.
Kelly Sr., Chris
L.F. Sloane Consulting Group Inc
Lay, James & Harriet
Lippincott, Mark & Charlotte
Marshall, Jr., Sally & Malcolm
Miles C. Dumont
Mrs. Linda Roeser
Nowak Associates, Inc.
Ramsdell, Richard & Betty
Rice, Isabel & Arthur Davison
Sharon & Dallas Dort Fund
Sibley III, Cade and J. Whitney
Wheyl, George

We also wish to thank those who prefer to remain anonymous. We are truly grateful to all our donors and supporters.

The Elmwood Family of Cemeteries

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