Glenwood Cemetery

Established 1857

glenwood ftwWinter Floral Blankets, Wreaths and Bouquets
Adorn your loved one’s grave with a grave blanket, wreath or bouquet this holiday season. All are made from natural, freshly cut evergreen boughs decorated in seasonal colors and trimmed with a beautiful all weather bow. Wreaths are 18” in diameter with a red bow and 5 pine cones, on a stand, for $20. Grave blankets include 6 poinsettia blooms in red and white for $40. Bouquets are tied with red ribbons for $20. Weather permitting, placement begins on November 15th. Removal begins March 1st. All orders must be pre-paid by cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Please call the office staff at (248) 928-4094 to place your order, or click here to download and mail an order form: pdfGlenwood_Winter_Tribute_Form_2015.pdf. Please refer below to Perpetual Tributes if you are interested in a perpetual grave blanket.


glenwood wbstand glenwood wbwreath
Standard Blanket
Regular Bow
6 Poinsettia Blooms
Red and White
18 inch diameter with Red Bow
and 5 Pine Cones on stand


All orders must be pre-paid.
Call (248) 928-4094 to place your order or download a form from the appropriate section above.
Downloaded forms may be faxed to (586) 992-3645.

Perpetual Tributes
Glenwood Cemetery now offers perpetual tributes for your loved one’s grave. Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that each year we will ensure placement of a Grave Blanket. Grave Blankets are made from natural freshly cut evergreens and decorated with six poinsettia blooms and an all-weather bow. A perpetual Grave Blanket may be purchased for $1,200. Each year, your loved one’s grave will be adorned with a Grave Blanket from mid-November to early March. Please call (248) 928-4094 to arrange for a perpetual tribute.

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