Glenwood Cemetery

Established 1857

Founded in 1857, Glenwood is truly Flint's historic cemetery, listed on the Michigan Register of Historic Places in 1989 and the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.  A tour of Glenwood reveals its spectacular funerary art and architecture along with the names of  citizens who made Flint great, including: lumber barons, civil war veterans, two Governors, one Lt. Governor and pioneers of the carriage and automobile industries.

"Long may this fair enclosure be preserved, unmarred by mistaken taste – undesecrated by rude hands.  Here the worn and weary citizens will find a momentary but soothing retreat from bustle and toil.  Here may Sorrow and pensive Meditation ever find a home.  And hither, let even the idle and the thoughtless come, to learn the lesson of their own mortality from the eloquent but unobtrusive teachings of the tomb.”
- from 1857 Glen-Wood Brochure

Glenwood Cemetery is now a certified arboretum


Glenwood Cemetery:  A Part of the Elmwood Family of Cemeteries

Glenwood Cemetery, as a Michigan no-profit cemetery, is managed by Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit.  This shared services approach allows us to provide enhanced maintenance and improvements at Glenwood.  The Family of Elmwood Cemeteries are all charitable organizations.

Glenwood is modest in size and activity so the records are maintained at our Birchwood Cemetery and Glen Eden East location.  The contact information is as follows:

Address (for mailing to Glenwood):  
19810  26 Mile Road
Macomb Township, MI  48042

Michael Shukwit, Director of Operations    
(313) 567-3453

Cheri Arcome, Director of Marketing        
(248) 928-4094 (cell)

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