Glenwood Cemetery

Established 1857

BrokenHeadstoneThe partnership with Glenwood and Elmwood Cemeteries is off to a wonderful start.  We had a very active 2014 at Glenwood.  The team at Elmwood, working with the Trustees of Glenwood Cemetery, accomplished a good deal in the last seven months of 2014. 

This year, we plan to complete our physical Master Plan for the cemetery, seek certification of Glenwood as an arboretum and have tree identification signage throughout the property, provide needed repairs to our mausoleum, continue to make improvements to the office/residence and to do major road work.  Already, we have removed hazardous trees, removed all of the stumps in every section and limbed up and pruned many of our trees.
The everyday ground maintenance and service levels at the cemetery are being implemented with the Elmwood team.  We would like to invite you to donate to Glenwood now so we can have funds available to repave as much of our road system as possible this summer.

Please make your check payable to “Glenwood Cemetery” and remit your contribution to the cemetery at 19810  26 Mile Road, Macomb Township, MI  48042. All of your donation will be utilized for the benefit of Glenwood Cemetery.  Your charitable contribution may be tax deductible as Glenwood is a charitable organization.

Your help is making a difference.  
Thank you for your support.

If you'd like to download a donation form,pdf please click here.

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